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Demonstration: Streamline the Sales Cycle

The typical sales process often follows a multi-step course, much of which can be accomplished on the show floor. For example, a salesperson or company:

1.   Finds a potential customer.

2.       Determines whether the prospect is in “buying mode.” (Identifies budget, targeted purchase date, etc.)

3.       Listens to the prospect’s needs.

4.       Convinces the prospect that the product will meet those needs.

5.       Gets specific information from the client.

6.       Delivers a targeted presentation to the decision-makers.

7.       Agrees on final pricing and product adjustments.

8.       Closes the sale.

At a trade show, you can easily achieve steps one through five, or even one through six, if decision-makers are available. To ensure the sales process doesn’t revert to step one after the show, create lead cards that report on progress. That way the in-house sales team can pick up where the deal-making left off, which beats starting from scratch.


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