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Exhibiting: Planning and selecting your next exhibition booth

Selecting the proper booth location is an important aspect of your trade show plan.

Here are a few things to remember when selecting your space. 

1. Traffic patterns. Study how traffic might move through the exhibit hall, and pick your location accordingly. Note on the floor plan where high traffic volumes are, for example, near entrances or exits, restrooms, break-out rooms and food areas. Also, don't forget potential traffic flow problem areas such as columns, empty booth spaces and loading docks.

2. Next to competition? Some exhibitors debate whether or not to put their booth space near or next to their competition at a trade show. One suggestion: You may like to get a closer to your competition. This is your chance to show what your product has over the competition. Your product may be less expensive, more reliable, require less production time, etc.

3. High identity. If you have an exhibit with hanging signs, bridges or tall canopies, choose a space without overhead impediments that might block your visibility. Also, make sure you abide by show regulations; it may vary from hall to hall. (Don't forget to get any height variance in writing from show management.)

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