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How to Create a BIG Impression with a Shoe-string budget

You don't need a Big Blue-size budget to draw a crowd - just a handful of small, but smart, ideas.  Here are some inexpensive ways to help you get noticed.

 1. Great Welcome
Welcoming, outgoing, well-trained staffers can draw people in with little more than an open-ended question and a smile. Before you spend a dime on any other tactic, be sure you have the right, properly trained staff in your exhibit.


 2. Add colour, light and movement
A dark, motionless, neutral-colored exhibit is about as exciting as hour 23 of the Titantic. Consider adding a splash of color with graphics, carpet, or seating, and invest in extra lights or even some lighting effects to set your exhibit apart. And don't discount the impact of movement. Whether it's a moving product demo, a spinning product display holder, or a rotating lightbox, a scrolling banner, eyes are drawn to motion.


      lights Merck

3. Get humorous with your creativity
Humor is another way to steal the show. As long as it's appropriate to the audience and your company, something as silly as floppy hats, goofy ties, or even a clever graphic, can set your exhibit apart from the masses. At the very least, humor will help open the lines of communication between attendees and staff.


 booth costume

4. Create interaction and experience
Interactivity can also draw attention to your booth. Attendees want to experience exhibits, rather than simply watch them. Hands-on demos and multi-sensory activities attract far more attention than passive, non-interactive booths.


5. Freebies

Finally, don't forget the free giveaways. Even if you think giveaways are gimmicky, everybody still loves getting something for free. Just remember that the giveaway should be tied to your company and message, and should match your company's image and attendees' expectations.


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