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Management & Reporting: Tips For Effective Leadership

Whether you’re a trade show manager or a vice president, developing healthy communication skills is essential for gaining respect in a company. Here are some communications reminders for becoming an effective L E A D E R.


With your ears and eyes wide open, listen to what is being said as well as what is not being said. Sift through the context to determine the true problem with interoffice squabbles, upset clients or project derailment. Take the time to fix the problem at that moment, or you’re not really fixing it at all.


Think through the problem and look at it from everyone’s perspective. Never play favorites and don’t jump to conclusions. Arm yourself with the facts, and aim to find a solution that is best for the individual and the group.


Help others turn mistakes into learning experiences. Go over what went wrong, where others could have helped and how the situation should be handled in the future.


Implement fair policies and solutions. When you have to make a tough call, take time to explain how you arrived at your decision and why you think it’s best. State how you carefully considered the goals of an individual as well as the goals of the group.


Provide every employee with the tools, resources and assurance to do the best job he can do. If you allow people to grow, they will reward you with better performance and increased loyalty.


When deserved, praise the positive in every team player. Let people know when you like what they are doing and that you are impressed with their performance.

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