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Demonstration: Inform And Entertain

Let’s face it, attendees don’t just come to trade shows to be informed and educated. They also come to be entertained. People tend to remember the exhibits where they had a good time while also receiving valuable information. How can you find the right balance between education and entertainment at your next show? These four ideas will help you get started.

Tie in to your product - Don’t just have something fun in your exhibit for the sake of fun. Whatever activity or collateral you use should tie in with your company or products. This will help attendees connect your product with the enjoyable time they had in your exhibit.

Connect the fun with your audience - A sports-themed game show may not be the best way to incorporate fun into your presence at the American College of Nurse-Midwives Annual Meeting. Likewise, having chef Julia Childs give a cooking demonstration in your World of Concrete exhibit may not get an optimal response.

Sell fun - If you want attendees to enjoy themselves, you need your booth staffers to sell the fun. Make sure everyone who will be working your exhibit knows that it’s a priority. Consider conducting some pre-show staffing activities to get staffers pumped for the show. Their fun will be contagious.

Stay focused - No matter how enjoyable you make your exhibit presence, don’t forget why you’re there. Don’t focus so much on entertaining that you neglect attendees’ needs or fail to give them all the information they need.

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