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Photography & Graphics: Direct-Marketing

Increase your sales by Improve.....

Try these 5 simple steps to produce a satisfying copy of your direct-mailers

1. Use color to focus attention on your main selling features and to improve the perception of quality. Two colors are better than one, and full-color printing is better yet.

2. Using a glossy paper will often make your brochure look more professional

3. Avoid the temptation to try to jam too much information into a small space. In good brochure design, less is more.

4. Don't overlook the value of white space to bring a clean look to your design and to help accentuate key selling points.

5. For readability, consider using a serif type for body copy. Studies have shown that serif type is easier to read. San Serif is good for headlines and subheads.

Other Good ideas to consider:

  • If you will be mailing your brochure as a self-mailer, consider applying a coated finish (vanish) to the printing. The coating will help prevent scuffing-ink being rubbed off by the post office's mail-sorting equipment.
  • For the best impression, consider mailing your brochure in a matching envelope.
  • For a unique sales and marketing twist, consider applying a small label somewhere on the brochure to draw attention to a special feature. Special pricing, a sales rep's name, or a toll-free number.

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